Piston Pumps



      Piston Pumps

  • PH Series High pressure variable displacement piston pumps.
  • PH**F Series Low noise fixed displacement piston pumps.
  • P**V Series Variable displacement piston pumps.

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      PH Series

  • Series 56 … 170
  • The PH Series is a low-noise variable displacement piston pump with rated pressure of 28 MPa. This series was developed based on the low-noise P**V seris which has won high reputation from various customers. The PH Series also feature lower noise levels, and more compact size.

      PH**-EDHS Series

  • Series 56 … 170
  • Electric direct control system variable displacement piston pumps.

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      PH**F Series

  • Series 40 … 170
  • The PH**F Series is a fixed displacement version of the PH variable displacement piston pumps designed for Direct Drive Systems, with more lighter weight and more compact size.
  • Compared with the PH series, this series of pumps is designed to have about 40% less weight.
  • They also incorporate relief valves to achieve a safety design that protects the hydraulic circuit from overloads.

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      P**V(M) Series

  • Series 16 … 130
  • This pump series offers low noise, high performance, and reliability with various functions for fast response and stability with a variety of controls such as electric direct control, pressure compensator control, and load sensing. Double pumps are ideal for customer needs for energy savig, high speed, and low noise.

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