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Tokyo Keiki, formerly known as ‘Tokimec’, is a well-known Japanese manufacturer of hydraulics, electronics and all sorts of marine-equipment. Their solutions are used in a wide range of industries, such as hydraulic presses, lathes and other manufacturing. They emphasize high energy savings and controllability by providing important parts. For instance: relief valves, hydraulic pumps and cartridges for control systems or loops. Combining Japanese quality with modern innovation, Tokyo Keiki’s relief valves and hydraulic pumps are often the product of choice when building high pressure hydraulic systems in the industry.

Action Hydro is the official supplier of Tokyo Keiki products in Europe. We supply separate spare parts, relief valves and hydraulic pump. Thanks to our partnership with Tokyo Keiki we can offer competitive pricing. Aside from the pricing, we can also keep stock of a full range of controllers, relief valves and pumps ready to be shipped out.

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