Kawasaki is a total system engineering company, leading the way in hydraulics and supplying a huge range of hydraulic pumps and motors around the globe. The name Kawasaki has become synonymous with quality and innovation of applications, including industrial, construction and marine fields. Kawasaki has been developing expertise in hydraulic machinery for nearly 100 years. Now their pumps and motors can be found around the world on land and sea. Many of our customers rely on Kawasaki hydraulic pumps to keep their high-pressure machinery going. Therefore we and Kawasaki prioritize quality above all else.

Action Hydro is Kawasaki’s official dealer. We keep stock of several types of hydraulic pumps and motors. Ready to be shipped out whenever you want. Aside from these hydraulic pumps and motors, we also keep a wide range of hydraulic parts ready for repairs or replacement. This enables us to ensure fast delivery at all times.




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